Instructions for authors – for the journal Slovenská chirurgia

The journal is published in co-operation with Slovak Surgical Society of Slovak Medical Association. The journal is indexed in Bibliographia Medica Slovaca (BMS).


Review articles
The latest knowledge and findings in the field of etiology, pathogenesis, diagnostics and therapy of illnesses and groups of diseases. The maximum range is 9 pages (font size 12, spacing of 1.5) with 6 figures (graphs) at maximum. In the case of processing of a larger topic, it is possible to split the contribution into several parts upon agreement with the editorial staff. Write the article with the emphasis on its practical utilization in surgery and other disciplines focused on surgery. Do not forget to cite as many Slovak authors` articles and studies relating to the topic as possible. Their number will be positively evaluated during the following reviewing process.
Original articles
The maximum range of the original text is 6 pages. Visual documentation is welcomed. Structure: aim, material and methods, results, discussion and conclusion.
Case reports
The maximum range of the original text is 4 pages. Visual documentation is welcomed. Structure: summary (abstract), introduction, own case, case study, discussion and conclusion.
Reactions to the review articles, news from the fields of diagnostics, therapy, interesting news from international press and other  professional information in the maximum range of 2 pages of the original text.
Information on events and congresses, newly published books, reviews, conference reports, invitations, etc. The maximum range of the original text is 3 pages.


Write the contribution on a computer in one of the common text editors and follow the following technical remarks:
  • recommended font Times New Roman
  • recommended font size 12, spacing of 1.5
  • use the ENTER key only at the end of paragraphs, not at the end of the line
  • divide the text into shorter and clearer sections
  • distinguish clearly the numbers 1 and 0 from the characters of  l and O
  • use round brackets ( )
  • do not use the spacebar in front of the punctutation marks, however, use the spacebar after the punctuation marks
  • divide the measure units from the values, use the SI system units only
  • explain the abbreviations when used for the first time, do not use the abbreviations in the headlines
  • foreign words should be written in their original Latin form


Descriptive name of the article, names and surnames of all its authors including titles and working places. The main author`s contact address, including the telephone number and e-mail address (in the article, the contacts of the author are published).
Short summary of the content of the article in 15 lines at maximum (except for the Information section).
Key words
In the range of 3 to 6 words, except for the Information section (we recommend to use the list of entries Index Medicus).
The title of the article, summary and key words must be translated into English.
If you paste pictures and figures into the document, please, send them also separately in their original formats with exact descriptions. When sending the photodocumentation via regular mail, please, send only high-quality originals. Mark all the attachments with numbers according to their appearance in the text.
If the photodocumentation appears in some other work or article, it is necessary to cite the original source properly and to add a written consent of the subjet having the exclusive right for the work or article.
Works cited
Number the citations, references in the text should be marked by numbers in brackets. Make 20 citations at maximum in the order in which they appear in the text. “Personal reports”, “unpublished observations” ought to be given in brackets within the text and not to be given in the Works cited. For works that have not been published yet but have been accepted for publishing, the title of the particular journal should be given as well as the note “in print”. References to abstracts, unpublished observations, personal reports, etc. should be avoided.
Examples of citations:
1. Prochotský A. Karcinóm hrubého čreva a konečníka. Bratislava, Slovakia: Litera Medica; 2006.
2. DeVita VT Jr, Lawrence TS, Rosenberg SA, et al. CANCER. Principles & Practice of Oncology. 9th ed. Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; 2011.
A chapter in a monograph:
1. Nenutil R. Standardizace histopatologické diagnostiky kolorektálního karcinomu. In: Vyzula R, Žaloudík J, eds. Rakovina tlustého střeva a konečníku. Praha, Czech Republic: Maxdorf; 2007:96–102.
2. Enzinger FM, Weiss SW. Ischemic fasciitis (Atypical decubital fibroplasia). In: Sharon WW, John RG, eds. Soft Tissue Tumors. 4th ed. St. Louis, MO: Mosby; 2001:276–278.
A journal article:
1. Huťan M, Koudelka P, Bartko CH, et al. Nové odporúčania antibiotickej liečby infekcií diabetickej nohy. Slov. chir. 2012;9(3):88–91.
2. Jakimowicz J, Fingerhut A. Simulation in surgery. Br J Surg. 2009;96(6):563–564.
Electronic serial publications, reference to an electronic journal:
1. Wong KP, Lang BH. The role of prophylactic central neck dissection in differentiaded thyroid carcinoma: Issues and controversies [online]. J Oncol. 2011. Accessed June 18, 2011.


Submit the original text in the electronic form to, or submit it on a CD sent to the editorial office with the address: Solen, s.r.o., Ambrova 5, 831 01 Bratislava.
For publication only the original texts will be accepted which have not been published elsewhere, nor submitted for publication or for review by another journal. Please state this information within the cover letter. Legal relationship of the publishing house and the author are within the meaning of the Copyright Act. Published articles and review reports are not paid.
The author and co-authors are obliged to follow the ethical rules of publication, which are accessible in full on the journal’s website. The corresponding author must also submit a written statement to the Editorial Office that all the authors acknowledge the rules of publication ethics and that there is no real obstacle to publish the article.
Language of the article: the editorial office only accepts articles written in Slovak, Czech or English. The article will be printed in the language in which it was submitted.
Proofreading: the editorial office reserves the right to make slight language and stylistic corrections in the original text. If the text needs shortening, the author`s consent will be sought. Before the final submission, the article will be sent back to the author for authorial proofreading.
Review: articles undergo a completely anonymous reviewing process. The articles are accepted for publishing by the editorial tape-room upon a review report. The main author will be informed on the acceptance and/or refusal of the article.